In Genesis 26, Isaac dug the water wells originally dug by Abraham but later filled in by the Philistines: Esek (contention), Sitnah (opposition), and Rehoboth (room). The Philistines fought for the first two.
Then he built an altar in Beersheba, received an appearance of God, and dug a last well Shebah (seven, referring to the seven lambs that were a witness of the covenant made at that place between Abraham and the king of the Philistines).

Our Father in heaven,

You are the God of creation, of heaven, and earth, and all that is therein. You are the Living One who sees us. You see us clearly; yet we see through a glass darkly and cannot apprehend what is happening in heavenly places.

However, dear Lord, we acknowledge that we are sinful creatures. We were created to love You and to love others, and we have failed. We have not reflected Your love.
We have not loved You with all our heart, mind, and soul. We have spiritually polluted our land with idolatry.
We have not loved our neighbors as ourselves. We have ignored the cries of our neighbors.
Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy.
Our Christian faith and the moral foundations of our society are rooted in Your relationship with the children of Israel. Yet our nation has insulted and betrayed the nation of Israel.
Every sector of our society has fallen short—the church, the government, the economy, the educational system, the media, arts and entertainment, and the family. We were made in Your image, and yet every aspect of our culture has failed to reflect Your character. Have mercy, Lord. Have mercy.

You are our only hope.

If there are voices of contention and accusation against the Mississippi Delta in heavenly places, we cry out for mercy. Bring us to a room of safety and provision. Like Isaac in Gerar and Beersheba, may we dig again the wells of living water that have been filled in by the enemy and be fruitful in the land.

You are our only hope. We worship You, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Amen.

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