Iranian divestment

Because of Iran’s policies regarding terrorism and nuclear weapons, HB 1127 is a proposal to stop state contracts with businesses that do business with Iran and to stop investment of the state retirement fund in these businesses. The bill passed the House and was referred to the Senate finance committee on February 17. If no action is taken by March 3, the bill will die in committee.

1 Chronicles 4:42-43 (NIV)
And five hundred of these Simeonites, led by Pelatiah, Neariah, Rephaiah and Uzziel, the sons of Ishi, invaded the hill country of Seir. They killed the remaining Amalekites who had escaped, and they have lived there to this day.

Simeon–God has heard
Pelatiah–let the Lord deliver, deliverance of the Lord in Israel
Neariah–child of God
Rephaiah–Jehovah has healed
Uzziel–God is my strength

Amalekites–a people who preyed on the weak

Dear Heavenly Father,

You are a God who hears His children. You are our Deliverer, our Healer, our strength and our salvation. Have mercy.

Did not Moses say that because the Amalekites had raised their fist against the Lord’s throne, the Lord would be at war with Amalek generation after generation? We cry out against the spirit of Amalek quickening Iran’s nuclear weapon program, terrorism, and human rights abuses.

Grant Your favor over HB 1127. Let Mississippi raise its voice against the lawlessness of the Iranian government! With You, nothing is impossible. Your name is Jehovah-nissi. The Lord is our banner! We proclaim the name Jehovah-nissi over the Mississippi Senate, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Governor. Amen.

Comment: Citizens may call the Governor’s office at 601-576-2969 and request that the bill be brought to the Senate floor for a vote. Contact info for the members of the Mississippi Senate may be found here.

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