Last November, a group of mature Christians/intercessors from Mississippi, with one from Texas, traveled to Bethel and Shiloh. Mildred Bean, who splits her time between Mississippi, Texas, and Israel, accompanied us that day.

At Bethel, we stood on the site of Jacob’s ladder. I looked up and saw in the sky a white dragon’s head formed in great detail in the clouds. We started to worship. Mildred read scripture. I looked up again, and the dragon’s head had dissipated. We mixed earth from Mississippi with the soil at Bethel. Amy Rylander painted while we worshipped. The painting showed a whirlwind around a ladder reaching to heaven; Mississippi’s covenant root with Israel sprouted life. We then blew several shofars.

The next stop was Shiloh. It was at Shiloh that Hannah had exercised travailing prayer asking for a child. On the bus ride to Shiloh, the Holy Spirit had brought to Mildred’s mind a prophecy that Anne Tate from Glory of Zion had prayed over her. Anne had said, “God has broken the barrenness off the womb of Mississippi.” Also, on the bus ride to Shiloh, Amy saw the state of Mississippi in a womb.

On arriving at Shiloh, we walked up a hill to view a film on the biblical history of Shiloh. Afterward, on the way down the hill, Mildred stopped, and the whole group came to a halt. Mildred shared Anne’s prophecy and added that on the way up the hill, the Holy Spirit had said to her, “Barrenness is ending and conception will now take place.” Amy immediately responded, that God had just given her the word “conception.”

Isaiah 62:4-5 (MSG)
No more will anyone call you Rejected,
and your country will no more be called Ruined.
You’ll be called Hephzibah (My Delight),
and your land Beulah (Married),
Because God delights in you
and your land will be like a wedding celebration.
For as a young man marries his virgin bride,
so your builder marries you,
And as a bridegroom is happy in his bride,
so your God is happy with you.

We thank You, Father, for breaking barrenness off the womb of Mississippi. We thank You for the conception that has taken place and the new life that is sprouting from Mississippi’s covenant root with Israel.
For decades, the pro-life movement in Mississippi has carried their calling, like the priests that carried the ark as they circled Jericho. The ark contained the the bowl of manna, the Ten Commandments, and the budding almond branch. The pro-life movement has walked in the name of Jesus, who is the way, the truth, and the life.
The shofars have blasted in Bethel, which is none other than the house of God, the gate of heaven.
The life of Mississippi shall be bound in the bundle of the living with You, our Lord God; and the lives of our enemies You shall sling out, as from the pocket of a sling.
We shout a great shout, ABORTION WILL FALL IN MISSISSIPPI. Amen.

Joshua 6, 1 Samuel 25:29, Genesis 28:17

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