Siege day 17

Editorial note: Tomorrow, Thursday June 4 at noon, One Voice Mississippi will host a one hour prayer conference call–an invitation for intercessors to declare, agree, and unify in prayer across the great state of Mississippi. Dial 712-775-7031, code 865-035-070. May they stand in peace, rejoicing in all that the Lord has done.

Baalath–a rejoicing; our proud lord

2 Chronicles 8:6 (NLT)
He [Solomon] also rebuilt Baalath and other supply centers and constructed towns where his chariots and horses could be stationed. He built everything he desired in Jerusalem and Lebanon and throughout his entire realm.

You are the God of all provision. We thank You that Peace (Solomon) rebuilt Rejoicing (Baalath) as a supply center. We loose the spirits of peace and rejoicing and call forth the supply of all that is needful for the schools of the Mississippi Delta. We invite the angelic horses and charioteers to be stationed in the Mississippi Delta. Amen.

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