Praise report

We had prayed for businesses in the Delta in April and May. If you know of other business successes, please share them in the comments.
This excerpt is from an article in the July 23 issue of the Deer Creek Pilot, by Ray Mosby.

Sharkey County and the City of Rolling Fork have executed a contract document with a new startup company, Automated Technology & Assembly, LLC, under which the manufacturer will locate within the old PolyCem factory building on Maple St., the facility which in recent years has served as the county’s Multi-Purpose Building. Automated Technology & Assembly, LLC, organized by three Memphis investors, will engage in an automotive industry process known as injection molding–manufacturing such automotive interior items as dashboards, consoles, arm rests and the like–and will be a supplier for the sprawling Nissan manufacturing plant in Canton. The new company is chartered and completely licensed to do business in the state of Mississippi. Unlike other such would-be ventures in recent years, Automated Technology & Assembly is seeking no direct financial commitment, such as loan guarantees, from local governments, and will instead receive only the standard 10-year personal property tax exemption for its equipment and inventory. The city and county will maintain ownership of the building, and will lease it to Automated Technology and Assembly, LLC. Under the terms of that lease, Automated Technology & Assembly will maintain necessary business and liability insurance, perform all routine maintenance on the property and agrees to make no structural changes to it without the approval of the respective city and county engineers. A minimum of 20 employees is required, but many more are expected once in operation.

To God be the glory.

Our Father,
We thank You for looking down from heaven and blessing the Mississippi Delta. Your ear is not deaf. Your arm is not short. Your leg is not lame.
How many blessings You have given us! Your heart is vast. You are mighty and gracious. We honor You. Amen.

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