Index of prayers for Coahoma County

This index will stay at the top of the page. Please look below for new posts.

New song–praise over all the counties in the Delta
Like a signet–intercession for all the counties of the Delta
Sheriffs–blessing on all the sheriffs of the Delta
District attorneys–blessing on all the district attorneys of the Delta
Awake–praise over all the counties of the Delta
Circuit court judges–intercession for all the circuit court judges of the Delta
Siege day 16–loosing angels over the schools of the Delta
Siege day 20–blessing of the schools of the Delta
Siege day 32–intercession for the superintendents of the school districts of the Delta
Siege day 35–praise over the schools of the Delta
Hernando de Soto–representative confession
Highwaymen and frontier justice–representative confession
Montezuma Bar–cleansing the waters of the Mississippi River
Coahoma County–the name Coahoma
Coahoma County–homicide rate and teenage pregnancy rate
Sweet Coahoma–county nickname
Coahoma County’s first Baptist church–representative confession
Blues Highway–loosing angels over US 61
Oil presses–inviting the Holy Spirit into those communities with oil presses
Food product manufacturing–blessing over Delta food producers
Secession from the United States–representative confession
Gold–declaration of scripture
Slavery–lament and petition for healing
Civil War–dependence on God
Friars Point riot of 1875-cleansing
Golden Buckle of the Cotton Belt–prayer for truth
Lynching–representative confession
High praise–synergy with the angels and past inhabitants of Coahoma County
County seat–seat of authority
Cheating scandal–petition for secret things to be revealed
Small beginnings–petition for Christians in Coahoma County
Coahoma Freemasonry–plea for mercy
Clarksdale saloons–intercession for wisdom
The Blues–representative confession
Rock and Roll–scripture praise
Educational firsts–petition for the schools
Magic City–declaration
De Soto celebration–representative confession
Gangs–prayer for conversion
Clarksdale charter–hear our prayers

2 thoughts on “Index of prayers for Coahoma County

  1. Wow Jill this is great! I believe The Lord may add to DF and give us a North Delta counterpart. Agree with me that God will raise up intercessors in Coahoma County and the North Delta.

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