Civil War

I just read chapter 5, “The Uncivil War,” of Clarksdale & Coahoma County A History by Linton Weeks. I don’t even know where to start to pray. The context of war unleashed such a spirit of barbarism throughout our nation.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Our Father in heaven,
What fallen creatures we are! How we have defiled Your good creation. Forgive us, we pray. We lift up to You our ancestors involved in the Civil War and trust in Your perfect justice and mercy.
Without You, there is no hope for us or for our ancestors.

We bind to the Christians of the Mississippi Delta this day the power of God to guide them, the might of God to uphold them, the wisdom of God to teach them, the eye of God to watch over them, the ear of God to hear them, the word of God to give them speech, the hand of God to protect them, the shield of God to shelter them, the host of God to defend them against evil, against the lust of nature, against every person who meditates injury to them, whether far or near, whether alone or with many.
We invoke all these virtues against every hostile, savage power warring upon their bodies and souls, against the evil laws of paganism, against the false laws of heresy, against the false promises of idolatry and against all knowledge which blinds the soul of humanity.

We humbly acknowledge that we and our ancestors have indeed been blinded. Forgive us, we pray. Help us to see with the eyes of Christ.
O God, we pray Your continued protection and guidance for the Christians throughout this land. Help the Delta to be faithful in the small things that a great, beautiful, meaningful, and effective work may be wrought here. Amen.

Portions of this prayer are derived from St. Patrick’s breastplate.

One thought on “Civil War

  1. Jill — I believe all war defiles.  I read yesterday where the Delta State professor who was murdered had two books on how the Revolutionary War decimated the Native Americans population.  Even though that war was a just cause, it still cost many lives.  I pray the Lord instruct us how to move forward in this season out of the past.  I was encouraged in Rolling Fork yesterday.  There are signs of life stirring in my hometown as they begin to celebrate their identity.  I pray that all the communities of the Delta will identify with the good things in their past, will shun the bad, and will once again put their hands to the plow to build a future for our land.  We have had enough division!!!!!  It is time to be one in Him! Thank you for all the election prayers you have sent my way.  I am compiling them and pray that others will add to them.  I heard through the grapevine that Billy Joe is coming with Ruthie, so I believe I will be able to go to Lake Village with you on Friday the 25th.  Looking forward to seeing you soon! Love you Marion Neill

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