Widows of the Bible

TAMAR, widow of Er–Claiming her right to bear an heir through Mosaic law, Tamar tricks Judah to lie with her and gives birth to Perez (break forth). Perez is in the genealogy of Jesus.

NAOMI, widow of Elimelech, and RUTH, widow of Mahlon–Boaz acts as Ruth’s kinsman redeemer and marries her. Her son Obed, Naomi’s grandson, is the ancestor of King David and in the genealogy of Jesus.

ABIGAIL, widow of Nabal–Abigail prevents David from unnecessary bloodshed. Later, when she is widowed, David takes her as his wife. David is in the genealogy of Jesus.

BATHSHEBA, widow of Uriah–David has Uriah killed in order to wed his wife Bathsheba, thus bringing the sword into his own household. Bathsheba and her son Solomon are in the genealogy of Jesus.

WIDOW OF ZAREPHATH–A Gentile widow sacrificially saves the life of the prophet Elijah, who will ultimately defeat the prophets of Baal.

WIDOW OF A PROPHET–God’s miraculous provision in the midst of poverty.

WIDOW IN JERUSALEM–Jesus praises the widow’s sacrificial gift to the temple treasury.

ANNA, the daughter of Phanuel-Serves and worships in the temple day and night. Prophesies Jesus to be the Redeemer and Deliverer.

WIDOW OF NAIN–Receives her resurrected son from Jesus.

Our Father in heaven,
We lift up to You the widows of the Mississippi Delta and humbly ask for Your protection and provision. May their lives point toward and lead others to Your Son Jesus, Redeemer of the world, as surely as the lives of the biblical widows. Amen.

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