US Supreme Court

The almond trees have begun to blossom.

Jeremiah 1:11-12 (VOICE)
The word of the Eternal came to me.

Eternal One: What do you see, Jeremiah?

Jeremiah: I see the branch of an almond tree.

Eternal One: That’s right. From this know that I am watching over My word until it is accomplished.

Our Father in heaven,
We call upon the seed of Holy Scripture that has been implanted in the spirits of the prodigals who work in and around the US Supreme Court. We claim Your promise that You are watching over it until it is accomplished. We thank You for the rain that You are sending for this seed and for the great harvest among the prodigals that will be accomplished. We loose the angels of evangelism to make connections in the lives of these prodigals. Amen.
Isaiah 30:23

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