“Let us cut them off”

Ps 83:1-4a

Do not remain silent, O God.

Do not hold your peace.

Be not still against the demonic forces that cause tumult and hate you.

They rise up against your loved ones, in crafty counsel.

They say, “Come and let us cut them off from being a nation.”

Our Father in heaven,

So many demonic forces have conspired to disrupt the families of our nation. They wish to prevent godly marriages and its progeny. Was not marriage instituted by You in the garden of Eden? Did You not instruct Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply? Did You not bring forth a great nation from the marriage of Abraham and Sarah?

Come to the defense of marriages between godly men and women! Do not remain silent when these demonic forces seek to prevent the marriages, even the meeting, of these men and women.

Destroy these demonic forces. Cut off their heads. Blow them away from godly young people like tumbleweed. Blow them away from _____. Scatter them like dust in a whirlwind. Send Your raging winds to chase these demons down and terrify them. Confound their crafty plans. Indeed, may these forces be put to shame and perish.

You, Eternal God, are the Most High, the Supreme Ruler over all the earth, and we honor You. Amen.

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