Machairoceratops cronusi is an extinct dinosaur, first described and named this year. The dinosaur was a herbivore. The generic name is derived from Greek machairis, meaning “bent sword”, and Latinized Greek ceratops, meaning “horned-face”. The specific name cronusi refers to Cronus, a Greek god who deposed his father Uranus with a sickle or scythe based on the mythology, and as such is shown carrying a curved bladed weapon.
In Holy Scripture, the sickle is used in two senses, a tool of grain harvest and a tool of judgment.

Revelation 14:6-7 (VOICE)
I saw another messenger flying through midheaven. He carried an eternal gospel, bringing good news to all the citizens of the earth—every ethnicity, nation, language, and people.
Heavenly Messenger (with a loud voice): Fear God. Give Him glory, for the time of judgment has arrived. Worship the One who fashioned heaven and earth and created the seas and the springs.

Triune God–Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
To You belong honor and glory and praise forever. We in the Mississippi Delta worship You and bless You. Holy is Your name. You fashioned the heavens over the Mississippi Delta, the land, its lakes and its rivers. Your glory fills this land. We declare, Your kingdom come, Your will be done in the Mississippi Delta as it is in heaven. We declare good news to the Mississippi Delta, to every ethnicity, language, and people, “Our God reigns!” Amen.

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