Praise report from the Glory Train

Zechariah 9:11 (NLT)
Because of the covenant I made with you,
sealed with blood,
I will free your prisoners
from death in a waterless dungeon.

This is what Jon Hamill wrote on the Glory Train prior to arriving in Jackson:

Mississippi Muscle
Tonight we have the privilege of ministering in Jackson, Mississippi. On the journey down the Lord dropped in my spirit the phrase “Mississippi Muscle.” I don’t want to go much farther until the Lord gives me a clearer picture, but I feel it is a place where the strong arm of the Lord is going to be revealed.
So pray for the saints of Mississippi. New strength is coming from the Throne! I believe somehow there will even be revelation from the Lord for medical breakthroughs here, rebuilding and re-strengthening damaged muscle tissue in the body and heart.
A word of from the Lord is that Mississippi is actually in the midst of a recovery of heart! It’s a recovery which strengthens the entire body both locally and nationwide. There is much competition for the vision of the state, but if the state will choose the vision of the Lord you will see the strong arm of the Lord lift up an entire state. Zechariah 9:11 is being covenantally released to you—freedom from the waterless pit!
And a double portion. I totally forgot about the double portion until praying through the passage today. God is speaking forth a double portion!
Geographic Area of the US Highlighted by the Lord
Final thought for today. While looking at a map, I “saw” a box form around the region of the nation we had just sojourned through—from San Antonio TX to Oklahoma City to Memphis TN to New Orleans LA and back The Lord was highlighting this box, almost as if it was a boxcar on the Glory Train. I believe that as of Pentecost, harvest and provision and the gifts of the Spirit are filling this boxcar region. Heaven’s trafficking is here!
Please pray for this region accordingly. Covenant blessing to each of you!

This is his post after leaving:

Releasing Your Double Portion
What a meeting last night in Jackson Mississippi. Glory! Around 400 people from across the spectrum gathered for a meeting that was put together in less than a month, with ministry leaders they did not even really know.
How does that even happen?
I’ll tell you. Across the body of Christ there is a sacred hunger for a genuine move of God. An expectancy stirred by the Holy Spirit for the fullness of His work in our midst.
Somehow word of the meeting just got out. Local leaders gathered a team and sent out emails. We are privileged to be connected with apostolic leaders who have plowed the soil of Mississippi for many years, and they invited their friends. Folks were praying, hard.
But none of this could fully explain the crowd that gathered and the response from Heaven last night. Jesus came in our midst and gave us a taste of what we’re all believing Him to receive. A double portion! And all we can say is that we’re humbled, we’re grateful, and we are longing for more!

Praise God for His gracious presence. I looked on a map and confirmed the Mississippi Delta is included in the prophetic boxcar region of double portion!

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