Rebuilding the wall, part one

Nehemiah 3 (VOICE)
The sheep gate was first. Led by their brother, the high priest Eliashib, the priests began the work of rebuilding. They framed it, then they set its doors in place. They proceeded to the tower of the hundred, and after dedicating it they made it as far as the tower of Hananel. The men of Jericho partnered with Eliashib, as did Zacur (Imri’s son).

Eliashib–God restores
Jericho–place of fragrance
Zacur–to remember, mindful
Imri–speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb

Bless the clergy of the Mississippi Delta, dear Lord. We loose the angels of assistance as they repair the breaches. May their work be a sweet smelling fragrance in the throne room of heaven. Help them to be mindful of You. We declare, God restores in the Mississippi Delta! Amen.

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