Rebuilding the wall, part four

I find it interesting that Gibeon and Mizpah come together in the building of the wall. Gibeon is where the sun stood still during Israel’s war with the Amorites (Joshua 10:12), and Mizpeh is where The Lord thundered with a mighty sound and threw the Philistines into confusion (1 Samuel 7:7-12). For some time, the tabernacle of the Lord was set up in Gibeon (1 Chronicles 21:29), and Samuel inaugurated a religious reformation at Mizpeh.

Nehemiah 3 (VOICE)
The men of Gibeon and Mizpah (that’s the Mizpah where the governor of the Persian Empire beyond the Euphrates River had his capital)—Melatiah the Gibeonite and Jadon the Meronothite—partnered with them. Uzziel the goldsmith (Harhaiah’s son) partnered with them in the repairs, as did Hananiah, a perfumer. The wall they built was the broad wall.

Melatiah–deliverance of the Lord
Jadon–thankful or he will judge
Uzziel–God is my strength
Harhaiah–zeal of Jehovah
Hananiah–Yahweh is gracious

O Father,
Broad indeed is the wall built by those who know and believe in Your supernatural power! You are our strong Deliverer and our Strength. Your zeal will overthrow our enemies. Creation serves You. We thank You for Your gracious gift of salvation–a salvation that extends even to the Gentiles of the Mississippi Delta.
May the daily spiritual disciplines and actions of the Christians in the Delta build a broad wall of defense against the enemy. Amen.

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