Rebuilding the wall, part five

From the Blue Letter Bible:

Five times in the Nehemiah 3, it speaks of those who worked on the section right in front of their house. Often, we need to give attention to the work of God right at our own homes. If the work needs to be done anywhere, it needs to be done at our homes.

i. The names of the men who are said to have made repairs in front of his house are interesting:

– Nehemiah 3:10 mentions Jedaiah, and his name means He who calls unto God. Our homes must be places of prayer, where the family calls unto God.

– Nehemiah 3:23 mentions Benjamin, and his name means Son of my right hand, speaking of a protector. Our homes must be places of protection and peace.

– Nehemiah 3:29 mentions Zadok, and his name means Justice. Our homes must be places of justice and integrity, especially with integrity regarding our marital vows and promises.

– Nehemiah 3:30 mentions Meshullam, and his name means Devoted. Our homes must be places of devotion and separation to God.

Nehemiah 3 (VOICE)
There, a half-district ruler of Jerusalem named Rephaiah (Hur’s son) partnered with them in the repairs. Jedaiah (Harumaph’s son) partnered with Rephaiah, working directly across from his own house, as did Hattush (Hashabneiah’s son).

Our Father in heaven,
We call upon Your name. We claim the Blood of the Lamb over generational iniquities in our bloodlines. Help us and our families to forsake all sin. We loose the angels of medicine, refreshment, and healing over our own homes. Amen.

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