Rebuilding the wall, part fourteen

Nehemiah 3 (VOICE)
Palal (Uzai’s son) worked on the wall section at a point across from both the angle and the place where the upper tower comes out of the palace near the guards’ court. Then came Pedaiah (Parosh’s son) and servants from the temple living on the Ophel’s hill making repairs as far as the point directly across from the water gate to the east and the upper palace tower.

Palal–thinking, judge
Uzai–“I shall have my sprinklings,” meaning unknown
Pedaiah–redemption of the Lord
Parash–declared, made clear

In 2 Kings 15:32-35, Jotham king of Judah builds the Upper Gate of the house of the Lord. According to Josephus, the upper gate was built on “the Ophel,” a ridge lying between the Kidron and Tyropean valleys. Jotham means Jehovah is upright.

Our Father in heaven,
We declare that You are upright. We declare that You are our Redeemer. We declare that You shall have Your sprinklings over the minds and the thinking of the residents of the Mississippi Delta. Guard the Mississippi Delta from all attacks of the enemy, and open the gate of living water in the hearts and minds of its residents, especially those who suffer from mental illness. Amen.

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