National Day of Prayer

Written by my sister, Elizabeth Foreman–

The National Day of Prayer for the upcoming year is Thursday, May 4, 2017. Our hope is that God FLOWS his healing grace and mercy across our beloved state. Could we take five minutes each day to seek God for Missississippi, culminating in gathering at the state Capitol in Jackson on May 4? If we petition our God over the coming year, He will hear our cries and reach out His loving hand to help us.

Below are five simple prayer requests for Mississippi:

Father, we pray for

Forgiveness of our sins against God and each other.

Leaders and legislators to have softened hearts toward one another and to start working together across the aisle for our state’s good.

Old symbols from the past, that represent pain for others and prevent our state from moving forward in unity, such as the state flag, to be removed.

Wounds of our past to be healed and for God to bring revival and renewal to Mississippi.

Sin, crime, and the sexual slavery chains to be broken.

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