Praise report

In a 2013 post, we had prayed

What great mystery that animals should see the newborn Lord, lying in their manger! May God bless the animals of the Mississippi Delta. May these animals witness the light of Christ in human beings, as surely as the animals in the stable witnessed the newborn Christ. Amen.

The current edition of The Yazoo Herald has a front page article entitled “Tail Wagging Tutor.” It is about Daisy, a 10-year-old Yellow Labrador Retriever. Daisy belongs to Clay and Pat Ellis, members of Trinity Episcopal Church and volunteers at the Boys and Girls Club. Pat read an article about a program for children who are having trouble reading. The children discovered it was easier reading to a dog than a human, and their reading scores went up.
Beginning in the fall of 2016, Clay started bringing Daisy to the Club once a week. Daisy’s visits are now a special treat the children look forward to. They even select a book ahead of time just to read to Daisy!
Daisy also visits the nursing home.

Our Father in heaven,
We thank You for Daisy. We thank You for Clay and Pat. We thank You for the light of Christ in Daisy’s ministry.
More canine tutors, Lord. May we have more canine tutors in the Mississippi Delta. Amen.

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