School reports

The Mississippi Department of Education has released their annual accountability report. There had been a transitional federal waiver as the schools moved to higher accountability standards. The waiver has expired, and the scores are predictably lower–in the Delta, one A, four C’s, sixteen D’s, eight F’s.

Carroll County School District–D
Clarksdale Municipal School District–F
Cleveland School District–C
Coahoma County Agricultural High School-C
Coahoma County School District–F
Coffeeville School District–D
DeSoto County School District–A
Durant Public School District–D
East Tallahatchie School District–D
Greenville Public School District–F
Greenwood Public School District–D
Hollandale School District–D
Holmes County School District–F
Humphreys County School District–F
Leflore County School District–D
Leland School District–F
North Bolivar Consolidated School District–D
North Panola Schools–D
Quitman County Schools–F
South Delta School District–D
South Panola School District–D
Sunflower County Consolidated School District–D
Tunica County School District–C
Vicksburg-Warren Schools–D
Water Valley Schools–C
West Bolivar Consolidated School District–D
West Tallahatchie School–D
Western Line School District–D
Yazoo City Municipal Schools–F
Yazoo County School District–D

Psalm 147:5 (KJV)
Great is our Lord, and of great power: his understanding is infinite.

Our Father in heaven,
How we grieve the problems of our school districts. We are so frustrated. So many efforts and so much money, seemingly to little avail.
You are the Great I Am. We lean on You and not on our own understanding. Guide us, Lord. Teach us how to pray. Amen.
Exodus 3:14

Previous prayers for the schools may be found in this prayer siege index.

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