Guard their feet

From the Mississippi Department of Education: The Delta has a finalist for Administrator of the Year, Natasha Bates – Dundee Elementary School, Tunica County School District. It also has a finalist for Teacher of the Year, Cathy Sparks – 3rd, 5th, and 6th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies, Hayes Cooper Center, Cleveland School District. The recipients will be announced April 7.

Our Father in heaven,

We thank You for all of the exemplary administrators and teachers in the Mississippi Delta. We bless them inside and out. Like Samuel of the Old Testament, they have inherited a sorry mess not of their own making.

Samuel’s mother Hannah prayed,

He will guard the feet of his faithful ones.

The scriptures record,

Samuel served as Israel’s judge his whole life. Each year he traveled between Bethel, Gilgal, and Mizpah, serving as Israel’s judge in each of those locations. Then he would return to Ramah because that’s where his home was. In Ramah too he served as Israel’s judge, and that is also where he built an altar to the LORD.

We declare that You will guard the feet of Your faithful school administrators and teachers in the Mississippi Delta. We declare that Your faithful educators will build a dwelling place for You in their hearts, that they will roll away the reproach of enslavement to false gods, that they will ever watch for You, and that they will ascend higher and closer to You in the Mississippi Delta plain.

Guard the feet of Your educators, Lord! Guard their feet. Amen.
1 Samuel 2:9,7:15-17

Bethel means House of God.
Gilgal means the reproach of Egypt being removed by the act of mass circumcision or circle of standing stones.
Mizpah means watch-tower; the look-out.
Ramah means the height or high place of God.

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