Huguenot heritage

French presidential elections take place May 7.

From The Huguenot Society of America:

The Huguenots were French Protestants. The tide of the Reformation reached France early in the sixteenth century and was part of the religious and political fomentation of the times. It was quickly embraced by members of the nobility, by the intellectual elite, and by professionals in trades, medicine, and crafts. . . .

Huguenot settlers immigrated to the American colonies directly from France and indirectly from the Protestant countries of Europe, including the Netherlands, England, Germany, and Switzerland. Although the Huguenots settled along almost the entire eastern coast of North America, they showed a preference for what are now the states of Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and South Carolina. Just as France suffered a notable loss though the emigration of these intelligent, capable people, so the American colonies gained. The colonists became farmers, laborers, ministers, soldiers, sailors, and people who engaged in government. The Huguenots supplied the colonies with excellent physicians and expert artisans and craftsmen. For example, Irénée du Pont brought his expertise for making gunpowder learned from the eminent Lavoisier; and Apollo Rivoire, a goldsmith, was the father of Paul Revere, master silversmith and renowned patriot. George Washington, himself, was the grandson of a Huguenot on his mother’s side. The Huguenots adapted themselves readily to the New World. Their descendants increased rapidly and spread quickly. Today, people of Huguenot origin are found in all parts of our country.

From the liturgy of the French Protestant Church:

O Lord! who art the source of all lawful power, and the fountain of all true wisdom in the counsels of men, we pray to thee for all who art in authority throughout the world.

Our Father in heaven,
We thank You for the many ways our nation has been blessed by the French Huguenots. We stand in agreement with this prayer of the French Huguenots through the centuries. You are indeed the source of all lawful power and the fountain of all true wisdom. We pray for the upcoming French elections. May the citizens of France seek Your guidance as they discern which candidate to support.
We bless the nation of France. We bless the nation of Israel, and we pray that the next president of France will be a friend of Israel. Amen.

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