Northern snakehead fish

From The Bolivar Commercial: The first northern snakehead fish identified in Mississippi was found in Lake Whittington, Benoit. The fish is not native to our ecosystem and is considered destructive and invasive, competing with bass and gar for the same food..

Dear Heavenly Father,
At the exodus, You instructed every household in Israel to take a lamb and apply its blood to the doorposts and lintel of the house so that the angel of death, on seeing the blood, would pass over.
We are mere Gentiles in Mississippi. Yet, by virtue of Your Son Jesus’ death, we have been grafted into the household of faith. As members of the household of faith, we apply the Blood of the Lamb of God over the waterways of Mississippi. We say to the northern snakehead fish, You must pass over Mississippi! Amen.
Exodus 12, Romans 11

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