Descendants of Caleb’s son Hur

1 Chronicles 2:50-51 (NLT)
These were all descendants of Caleb.
The sons of Hur, the oldest son of Caleb’s wife Ephrathah, were Shobal (the founder of Kiriath-jearim), Salma (the founder of Bethlehem), and Hareph (the founder of Beth-gader).

Kiriath-Jearim–city of woods. It is mentioned as the place the Ark of the Covenant was moved after being in Beth Shemesh (1 Samuel 6:21-7:2). About 60 years (2 Sam 6) afterward, the ark was moved to Jerusalem and placed in a tent outside the palace of David.

Salma–peace, perfection
Bethlehem–house of bread. The city David was from and the birthplace of Jesus.

Hareph–winter, scornful, a plucking off
Beth-gader–house of the wall, a house for a mouse

Our Father in heaven,
We pray that the sons of the Mississippi Delta will be pilgrims of peace, not sons of scorn. Amen.

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