Lynching in Coahoma County

In 1925 a white man named Grover C. Nicholas was murdered in Count’s Spur, Coahoma County. When a young black man, Lindsay Coleman, was acquitted of the crime, a lynch mob stormed the Clarksdale courthouse and took Coleman to the suburbs where they shot him. Four men were charged in conspiring to lynch Coleman. Their cases were nolle prossed (dismissed) by the state’s attorneys. Dr. S. W. Glass, sheriff of Coahoma County, was charged with negligence in the case. He was fined $500 and allowed to return to his office.

O Father,

The iniquity of lynching and the unjust institutional response has destroyed so much trust, one with another. We see through a glass darkly. How many other ways has this iniquity corrupted our bloodlines, our land, our law enforcement, and our judicial system? We are so sorry for the pride, the racial hatred, the violence, the murder, and the institutionalized indifference to this and the other lynchings in the Delta. We have not only sinned but have institutionalized it.

O Lamb of God, that takes away the sins of the world, have mercy upon us.

Forgive! We claim the Blood of the Lamb over this offense in Coahoma County. Forgive us all. Who knows how many lynchings there have been? Cover them all, Lord. Have mercy.

Restore us again, O God of our salvation, and put away Your indignation toward us! Restore respect one Deltan for another. Restore justice to our law enforcement and judicial systems.

Let steadfast love and faithfulness meet, righteousness and peace kiss each other in the Mississippi Delta, especially in Coahoma County. May faithfulness spring up from the ground and righteousness look down from the sky. Amen.

Reference: Clarksdale & Coahoma County A History by Linton Weeks, p.71-72; Psalm 85

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